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Back to the Grind: Product Spotlight – Creative

creative back to the grind

Ignite your senses with these premium selections and see why getting back to the grind, ain’t so bad. No matter what vibe you’re seeking, we’ve got a curated selection for you. Feeling a little spaced out about what to choose? Sit back and relax, we’ll grind it out for you and find the perfect complement for any mood or situation. Break out the finger paints, it’s time to get creative!

Chrome Slipper 99chrome slipper strain flower
Chrome Slipper 99 is a balanced hybrid strain created by crossing Krome’s The White x Cindy 99 x Stardawg. This strain has a sweet and sour pineapple flavor with a mild herbal exhale. The smell is fruity and earthy, with a pungency that intensifies as the flower is broken up.

Wana Classic Watermelon
Who can top a Summer classic? Wana’s Watermelon will bring Summer vibes rushing back. These refreshingly fruity Hybrid chews are infused with a custom blend of more than 30 balanced (and balancing) terpenes.

Valhalla Watermelonsour watermelon gummies
Our indica Sour Watermelon Soft Lozenges are a juicy blast of tangy and sweet watermelon that transports your mind and body into bliss. Experience noticeable relaxation and mood elevation, without feeling sluggish – ideal for winding down in the evening before bed. Easy to cut into smaller doses, these heavenly soft lozenges are perfect for beginners and novices alike because of their delicious flavor, ease of use, and low psycho-activity levels.

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