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Back to the Grind: Product Spotlight – Energized

energized back to the grind

Ignite your senses with these premium selections and see why getting back to the grind, ain’t so bad. No matter what vibe you’re seeking, we’ve got a curated selection for you. Feeling a little spaced out about what to choose? Sit back and relax, we’ll grind it out for you and find the perfect complement for any mood or situation. Batteries running a little low? Plug-in to some Nug power.

Valhalla Sweet Orangesweet orange gummies
Like biting into a ripe tangerine just pulled off the tree, Sweet Orange Lozenges will enliven your day and send you to Valhalla. Easy to cut into smaller doses, these heavenly lozenges are perfect for beginner’s and experts alike because of their delicious flavor and ease of use. Valhalla Confections are creatively inspired and scientifically perfected.

Wana Mango
These inspiring Sativa chews contain notes of tropical sweetness, elevated by a tangy citrus burst. Wana gummies are vegan, melt-proof, feature organic sweetners and all natural flavors and colors. Each morsel is enhanced with a proprietary blend of 30+ Terpenes and feel secure knowing every package is child resistant, food-safe and uses sustainable packaging.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
upside down cake pineapple flowerMake your day a little extra special with Upside Down Cake! If you are looking for a new strain for your morning routine, Upside Down Cake may be a great choice! This strain may provide uplifting and energetic effects while relaxing the body from the inside out. This strain smells like the pastry of its namesake with a sharp, punchy aroma that is delicious and unforgettable. It tastes like a blend of nutty herbs with sweet tropical fruits that will leave you begging for more!

Frosted Melon Gelatofrosted melon gelato flower
Need an afternoon treat that won’t leave you sedated and could give you a boost of energy to finish the day strong? Frosted Melon Gelato may be your best pick! This strain can offer a spark of energy with an accompanied creativity boost like no other!

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