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Back to the Grind: Product Spotlight – Sleepy

Ignite your senses with these premium selections and see why getting back to the grind, ain’t so bad. No matter what vibe you’re seeking, we’ve got a curated selection for you. Feeling a little spaced out about what to choose? Sit back and relax, we’ll grind it out for you and find the perfect complement for any mood or situation.

Valhalla Blue Raspberry
Inspired by the classic Italian ice flavor, Blue Raspberry Lozenges will remind you of those summer afternoons filled with fun and friends. Easy to cut into smaller doses, these heavenly lozenges are perfect for beginner’s and experts alike because of their delicious flavor and ease of use. Valhalla Confections are creatively inspired and scientifically perfected.
valhalla blue raspberry gummies

Need extra help falling asleep? Jigglers could quickly become your favorite pillow pal. This Indica-dominant strain features a sweet and berry flavor, tinged with creaminess, that can have your senses asking for more after the first puff.

Legend Dolawalker OG
Looking for a strain to help you fall asleep and sleep peacefully throughout the night? Dola Walker may be the answer to your dreams! Dola Walker is an indica dominant strain that was born from the fusion of Skywalker and Dolato, two mouth-watering strains. The flavor profile of Dola Walker features distinct sweet and fruity flavors, and a hint of candy-like sweetness that could have your mouthwatering in no time!

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